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SQL Saturday #588 NYC Recap

I had the pleasure of attending SQL Saturday #588, in NYC at the Microsoft Building in Times Square, this past weekend. For those that don’t know it’s an entire day of free SQL Server training with presentations from professionals at the top of the industry. Yes, I said FREE. Thank you PASS (

The morning started with a great keynote by Grant Fritchey, where he broke down what the future for SQL Server professionals will involve and the importance of understanding data science in the modern world. (He recommended a book called Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan for starters…hmmm… sounds like erotica for data enthusiasts!).

My first session of the day was led by Ned Otter. He’s become known as an expert and evangelist for In-Memory OLTP. He discussed use case scenarios, who would benefit most by using it. He explained to us how people see poor performance by simply not setting things up correctly. He also articulated the requirements, drawbacks, and changes that have been made since its inception, and what we have to look forward to in the future of Hekaton. If he’s presenting near you, I highly suggest you attend as he displayed a very deep understanding of the topic and answered questions thoroughly.

for more see

Ned Otter

Since I was so intrigued by Ned’s presentation, I wanted to see Bob Ward’s more in depth look on the internals of In-Memory OLTP (like Bob, I will refer to it as Hekaton going forward).

This session was an abridged version of a talk he’s given at SQL Summit. That was a three hour course, this was brought down to just over an hour and it still covered a lot of ground. It was fascinating what he revealed as to the mechanics of Hekaton. Again, he was also an excellent speaker who was able to answer very in depth questions. My brain was pretty fried after this #brainmelting.

The next session wasn’t technical, it was about what it takes to be a Phenomenal IT Consultant, much like the presenter, Sebastian Meine. He’s been doing this for quite some time and has learned a lot on his journey. He shared a lot of useful information, and gave us all reality checks regarding the consulting lifestyle. He’s a very intelligent, highly educated and well spoken individual.

For more on Sebastian Meine:

Next up was Grant Fritchey’s presentation on DevOps in SQL. I’ve been following Grant’s work for some time, it was great to watch him present. He’s very engaging and has the entire room involved in the conversation.

The Scary DBA freely admits to what he considers his own mistakes regarding deployments and project management and passes those lessons onto us. Automating deployments is a huge timesaver and the concept of DevOPS is great way of understanding that DBA’s, developers and alike should work as one cohesive unit.

For more

Once all the sessions had ended, all the attendees gathered into the main conference room for the raffles. All in all it was a great event. Thank you PASS, and special thanks to the volunteers!

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