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New TempDB TraceFlag

In the past we're used to enabling Traceflags 1117 and 1118 in order to help with TempDB Contention. With the release of SQL 2016, these were no longer needed...however

Now it's been suggested to enable Traceflag 3427.

Why? Because a new type of contention has emerged called "Metadata contention". The quick explanation of this is that Metadata contention is contention on system objects in tempdb that are used to track temp tables.

Whenever we remove something from cache, we usually have to adjust the tables that carry the metadata. So with the way things are going, now wer're seeing contention on the deletes from this cache. In the past this has not been a huge issue, but SQL 2016 has shown a notable increase in the table metadata.

So, if you're running SQL 2016+ it might be good to enable TF 3427, and make it part of your standard setup.

For more in depth information, check out this post.

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