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Clear cache for a single Stored Procedure

January 9, 2018



Sometimes for testing purposes (or an emergency) one might find it useful to remove query plan for a single stored procedure. This way you won't have to disrupt the entire instance (and possibly anger your fellow developers!).


I often forget that DBCC FREEPROCCACHE accepts a plan handle as a parameter value. There are a few ways to identify the plan handle, usually it involves the sys.dm_exec_cached_plans with a cross apply on sys.dm_exec_sql_text and  sys.dm_exec_query_plan. (Feel free to scour the internet for a fully written query, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here!). 


Once you identify  the proc and plan handle that you want to remove from cache simply run:

DBCC FREEPROCCACHE('0x0500050082DC5313608CD1C25C0000000100000000000000000000')


See the plan handle placed in parenthesis. This gives you granular control over the procedure cache. 


Why not use Recompile? Of course this is an option and a lot more readable. Depending on your needs you can simply run 


Exec sp _Recompile N'ProcName'


There are so many more options involved with procedure cache and recompilation. Feel free to check out MS documentation FreeProcCache and Recompile





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